Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Every year we publish a short summary of some of the things we have achieved together.  This is collated into our Annual Report.

I am proud of what we have achieved and what we plan to do in the coming year.

For those new to Social Care Alba this is a good place to see just some of what we have been doing, as well as some of the projects that are currently in progress.

You can view our Annual Report HERE

Thank you to all those who have and continue to contribute to our success.

Nataly and Stephen 

On behalf of everyone at Social Care Alba


There is nothing worse than thinking you have asked someone to do something then nothing has happened.

The image of a swan gliding across a pond comes to mind.  Whilst on the surface there appears to be no effort, underneath their feet are paddling furiously.

The same can be said when a request is submitted to the office.  We always work hard to answer your enquiries as quickly as possible, however sometimes this may mean we need to do some work in the background. 

New System Launched

Starting from today we are introducing a new system to help keep you updated on your enquiry as part of a 3 month trial.  The system will:

  •          Be used to record all requests and enquiries from staff and service users.
  •          Allow us to prioritise the enquiry and set timescales for resolution
  •          Allow us to publish progress notes
  •          Give you secure access to your enquiry and view progress online.
  •          View when an enquiry has been resolved

To make the new system as simple as possible we will phase it in over the coming months.  If you have an enquiry you can still contact us by:

  •          Phone
  •          Email
  •          Text
  •          Letter
  •          In person
  •          Via a staff member

We will then log your enquiry on the system and create an online account for you.  You can then access updates to your enquiry 24/7.   In the coming months you will also be able to access the system via our website.

We hope you find the support system useful and we welcome any and all feedback.

Stephen Wilson