Friday, 18 September 2015

Social Care Alba Nominted for Award

Earlier this year I wrote about the excitement within Social Care Alba about George Clooney's visit to Edinburgh. George is the guest speaker at this years Scottish Business Awards and will be promoting both his charity and that of Social Bites.

The Awards ceremony, is supported by the Royal Bank of Scotland and is attended by 2,000 business leaders from across Scotland and the UK. 

Social Care Alba have been shortlisted in the RBS Customer Focus Awards section.  I am extremely proud of the effort we all make every day to improve the lives of the people we support.  To read more about the awards click HERE

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Music maestro please

Social Care Alba's "Shared Management Meetings" are open to all every month.  We encourage a
different person to chair the meeting as a way to develop their skills.  So how do you chair the perfect meeting?

Think of chairing a meeting as a conductor of an orchestra.  Each must follow an agenda (sheet music) and ensure that you get the most out of the participants.

A good chair will ensure each member of the meeting is brought in at the right time.  They will know when to bring individuals to the front and when to reduce the presence of others which may overpower the meeting.  Finally where possible there should be time for a solo contributor.

Then this is timing, the art of bringing all of the contributors together and to finish on time.  Of course running the perfect meeting takes practise.  So don't expect to get everything right first time, every time.  However, when it all comes together then like a maestro you should have gotten the very best out of everyone.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Open for Business

With the expansion of our Edinburgh team we are investing in a second office which will meet our growing staff and clients’ needs.  Providing a centrally located, modern and accessible office will allow dedicated space to meet with clients, family members and health care professionals.
Nation-wide cut backs mean it's a difficult time for anyone to be working within the health and social care field. However we truly believe that continued investment in our Edinburgh operation will secure jobs for our staff and high-quality care for service users in the city."
Social Care Alba operate a different model of health and social care to other companies. This involves offering specialists who are able to support service users in their own homes for particular issues e.g. a physiotherapist for mobility difficulties, an occupational therapist for stroke and mild dementia conditions and a social worker for, amongst other things, accessing services and community assistance. This in turns means people are not only more comfortable and relaxed because they are being support at home, but it also helps the NHS by cutting down on the number of hospital admissions."
In addition to taking on new clients, Social Care Alba are also employing new staff. More information on our company and its ethos can be found on the website