Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Healthy Working Lives

Our Aim

We are working together to promote Health and wellbeing within our Organisation.  Our aim is to help create a safer, healthier workforce as well as service users, by raising awareness of health issues and planning health promotion programmes.

Health and Wellbeing is about encouraging people to build ways into their daily routines that may potentially add 7.5 years to their life expectancy.

The following LINK explains in more details how this can be done in 5 easy steps.  The steps are outline below.

1.    Be Active
2.    Take notice of the world around you
3.    Keep learning, try something different 
4.    Give or do something nice for a friend or stranger
5.    Connect with others
The article states…. “The underlying message through the five ways is that mental health and wellbeing is as important as physical health; feeling good is an important part of being healthy”

Within the Healthy Working Lives programme we aim to cover the following topics:

·         Alcohol and Drugs
·         Healthy Eating
·         Physical Activity
·         Mental Health

Our Goal

      ·         To assist staff and service users have a healthy work/life balance.
      ·         To increase staff morale
      ·         To increase knowledge
      ·         To tackle issues and concern regarding health that may be raised.
      ·         To improve health, safety and wellbeing


We will be running lots of events over the coming months.  Including encouraging you to drink enough water.  Did you know you should drink between 1.6 and 2 litres of FLUID a day depending on your age and sex.

We will also be encouraging you to take some EXERCISE by walking a mile a day.

Facts – The Good and the Bad

Drinks that irritate the bladder are:

  • Citrus and fizzy drinks, Tomatoes, Alcohol, Tea, Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Green Tea and Blackcurrant juice.

Drinks that do not irritate the bladder include:

  • Water, Milk, Decaffeinated Coffee or Tea, Herbal Teas, Milk and many more

There are obvious synergies in health promotion, flexible working, supporting the mental well-being of staff as well as our service users, caring for the environment and promoting social responsibility.  We hope that with the participation of staff and service users we can make a difference by raising awareness.

Find Out More

There are lots of ways you can find out more. Including:

We hope you have found this introduction useful and we look forward to working together to promote Health and Wellbeing amongst us all.

Njoki Sawaya-McLeish – Office Manager

Matthew Thomas – Team Leader

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