Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Infection Prevention and Control is about preventing infections particularly those that are associated with healthcare – for example, ways of preventing infections being spread on the hands of healthcare workers or carers.

We all have a part to play in controlling infection.

Infections are caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses entering the body.  They can be minor and stay in one area, like a boil or wound, or they can spread throughout the body, like Flu or a blood stream infection.  Often, infections are easily dealt with, but sometimes they can cause serious problems.


Social care Alba takes preventing, minimising and controlling the risk of healthcare associated infection to service users/staff/ and carers very seriously.  Ways in which we do this include:

·         Education and training in infection control for all staff employed by SCA
·         Staff using good hand washing technique or using alcohol handrubs
·         The use of disposable aprons and gloves


  •        Provision of information education and advice on Infection Control
  •          Monitoring and reviewing infections in the community eg MRSA and C difficile
  •          Development of Infection Control policies and procedures for health care staff
  •          Advise on measures to tackle healthcare associated infections
  •          Support  in the prevention, management and control of infection
  •          Monitoring of infection control standards and practices
  •          Changing behaviours, promoting a culture of cleanliness
  •          High standards of cleanliness
  •          Making sure equipment is clean
  •          How to recognise signs of infection
  •          Educating service users/healthcare professionals and carers


The Preventing Infection in Care at Home toolkit allows staff to choose information when presented with common infection risks when caring for someone in the home and reveals the "must do" SICP guidance that should be followed to minimise the risk of spreading infection to themselves, other staff and the person receiving care.  It also highlights key advice on factors "to consider" as part of the SICPs and identifies other factors that keep staff and those being cared for safe.  Alternatively if information is required simply on each SICP and how they relate to community care in the home then a quick link is provided.

The toolkit is presented to community health and social care staff in the form of a digital app and a pocket guide for easy reference.
Digital App
The Apple digital app is available HERE
The Android digital app is available HERE
 Pocket Guide
The pocket guide is currently out of print but Stephen has secured some copies which he will distribute to everyone.  You can view the guide HERE

If you need more support or advice then please do not hesitate to contact me via the office or blog.

Daniela Angeli

Infection Control Champion

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