Monday, 21 October 2013

Make Every Moment Count

The Care Inspectorate have working with a team of experts to develop the ‘Make Every Moment Count’ resource, an information leaflet which contains easy to read and simple guidance for everyone supporting older people in a care home or at home. 

The resource highlights how making the most of every moment can make a real difference to a person’s quality of life in simple but very meaningful ways. 

By providing key messages on how to better understand an individual’s needs, values and lifestyle, the guide will help people working in care services to deliver an enhanced experience for Scotland’s older people. 

Social Care Alba already incorporates the guidance in their practise, but intend to use the resource to reiterate this with all staff.  Staff have already received the leaflet and will have a chance to to view the video at team meetings and during their induction. 


You can hear more about the resource in their video. If you want a DVD copy of this video or if you want to order the information leaflet and poster please contact their National Enquiry line, 0845 600 9527.

f you would like to discuss this resource further please contact the Care Inspectorates Rehabilitation Consultant, Edith MacIntosh.


Stephen Wilson

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